Be aware that the yarn may contain excess color. Wash separately the first time. It is recommended to hand wash the yarn. Washing machines are different, it is recommended to wash a small sample of hand dyed yarn before throwing your entire hand knit project in the washing machine … I speak from experience !!!

I sell hand dyed yarn, dyed in relatively small portions. No two skeins of yarns are alike, though they come from the same color pot. There are many factors that play into hand dyeing yarn. Water temperature, PH value, the amount of water in the pot, how long the yarn is in contact with the dye, etc. Although careful to dissolve the dye in the pan, the concentration of the dye will tend to be highest at the bottom of the pan, which will result in the yarn at the bottom of the pan becoming a stronger color than the yarn at the top. All of these factors – as well as many more, and certainly the moon’s location in the sky – make hand dyed yarn so special, unique and fun.

For example, if you order hand-dyed yarn for a sweater, there will be a risk that, on a knitting project like this, you will be able to see transitions where the yarn skeins have been switched. One way to get around this problem is to knit with two balls of yarn at a time. That is to say on a knitwear where you knit back and forth; knit two rows with one yarn ball and then two rounds with the other yarn ball – and so on. If you knit in the round, knit one round with one yarn ball and then a round with the other yarn ball, etc. This way you “camouflage” the differences between the hand-dyed yarns. Likewise, one can also be careful about making “sliding” transitions when switching to the next skein of yarn. Do not change both yarns at the same time.

If you want to get yarn dyed in a special color or in a special color combination I would be happy to help. This applies both if you want to get dyed on yarn I already. It could also be that you have a very special yarn quality that you want to hand dye uniquely. Write an email or call and we’ll talk about the possibilities.